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Drabble: Body of Lies

Here is the next instalment of my drabble/ficlet series following Illyria after an ending to ‘Not Fade Away’ that left her the only survivor of the fight in the alley. Continues on from ‘To Rain in Hell’ and ‘From Hell to Texas’. 100 words, PG.

Body of Lies

She had worn the shell’s form for Wesley, to give him something to cling to as he died, easing his passing, and for the Burkles to spare them the pain of their daughter’s death. This… compassion was an unfamiliar emotion to her. A weakness, and yet… the pain, the loss, and the emptiness within her were not feelings that she would wish on others not her enemies or those who had betrayed her.

Now she wore it for a more familiar purpose. Camouflage. She had to cross an ocean, and borders, and get past guards before she could exact retribution.

Continued in On My Signal…
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