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In which Willow gets what's coming to her

To celebrate having posted the fifth chapter of Life In Shadow, the "Something Blue" chapter, yesterday, here is a naughty little 100 word drabble set during the original BtVS episode Something Blue. Strictly canon. Well, right up to the last couple of lines. Behind a cut because it's R rated.

“Pain? What pain?” Willow asked.

“Observe!” D’Hoffryn commanded, and with a wave of his hand he opened a dimensional viewing portal.

Willow gazed through it, and saw her friends battling against a horde of demons from a defensive position inside a crypt. Buffy was being choked by one demon reaching through a window. Spike and Xander were trying to barricade the door. Anya was chanting at a mystic circle, attempting to summon D’Hoffryn. The defenders were weakening and the demons gaining the upper hand.

Willow’s mouth opened wide with surprise and horror. “Fuck me!” she exclaimed.

Her eyes flashed blue.

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