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Drabble: Kingmaker

I’ve been reading a lot of stories on ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ recently. One of the BtVS/Lord of the Rings crossovers there is apparently about Buffy being sent to Middle Earth by the Powers That Be to give indirect aid in the War of the Ring. I haven’t read the story, nor am I likely to do so, but I was inspired by the last line of the summary: ‘More specifically she’s to help the King of Gondor get on his throne.’ Here is my version in a 100-word drabble. Rating G.


Faramir cried out “Behold the King!” Then Aragorn stood, and the people cheered, and he made his way to the Throne Room.

From Nûmenor came the throne, brought thither by Elendil, and it was exceedingly tall. Too high, for its seat stood a full five feet from the ground, and for a moment Aragorn was nonplussed.

Then Gandalf called out “Slayer, perform your duty!”

Buffy took hold of Aragorn by the hips, and lifted him up, and set him down upon the throne. “Okay, wizard guy,” she said. “I’ve helped him get on his throne. Can I go home now?”
Tags: drabbles, lotr
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