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Being Human and other stories

Belated Happy Birthdays to redwulf50 and talesofsnape

Happy Birthday to married_n_mich

Finally managed to watch the first episode of ‘Being Human’; it’s very good, although much darker and less funny than I was expecting. I think I’ll wait until after the series finishes before thinking about doing any fic; there are too many things still unrevealed as yet. The night before last I accidentally saw a sitcom that I wasn’t familiar with, ‘Not Going Out’, and it had perhaps the funniest line of any show ever. Also a pun that was worthy of me. I doubt if I’ll watch it regularly but if it comes on when I’m not in bed or at work I won’t switch over.

No comments at all on the ‘Tabula Avatar’ chapter that I put up yesterday? Rather disappointing. If I wasn’t getting a steady stream of rapturous reviews for it at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ I’d get discouraged. As it is, however, I’ll keep writing and keep posting. I’m enjoying writing it – although the characters won’t be enjoying themselves. After sixty-odd chapters of Randy & Joan being bit-part players they finally got their chance to take centre stage, in this chapter and the last – and they won’t have liked it one little bit. Will True Love prevail and overcome all? The only way to find out is to read it. Meanwhile, in Faerûn, I’ve spent 5 chapters carefully assembling Chekhov’s Gun and establishing that it is aimed directly at Buffy, Sorkatani, and Xander; it’s a shame that I now have to work for 6 nights, and won’t be able to do any writing, because I’m rather eager to fire it...

The results of the TtH Crossover Awards should be announced today. I’m hoping for a victory for ‘Tabula Avatar’; although it is severely lacking in the Super!Xander department, a major handicap at TtH, and past form suggests it will come second in its class. curiouswombat’s ‘Return of the Key’ also suffers from the same lack of Super!Xander, but ‘Lord of the Rings’ crossovers rarely feature Xander so it might overcome that lack. We’ll find out soon. Of course now I’ve had a sudden idea for a Super!Xander/Galadriel fic designed to win in next year’s awards...

PS: TtH displays random recs when you visit the homepage. One just popped up that I have to comment on. I will never, under any circumstances, read a fic where the pairing is shown as 'Wiffy'. That's nothing to do with not liking femmeslash - it's just that that particular word conjures up an image of the pairing being Pepe Le Pew/Foul Ole Ron.
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