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OTP Meme

Gacked from woman_of:
Pick up to 15 OTPs /OT3s, or 10 preferred pairings).
Describe them in less than 15 words.
Have your F-list guess the OTP.

Here are my 10 – one of them is from an Original Character story of mine, but it’s possibly the most successful OC fic ever done in the Buffy fandom, and I know there are shippers out there.

01: Invincible God-child and dead betrayer. = Sorkatani/Yoshimo, guessed by digopheliadug
02: She knew her heart too late; an arrow pierced his. Naked, she avenged him.
03: Demon magnet, GSOH, seeks demon god-king; must play Crash Bandicoot. = Xander/Illyria, guessed by deird1
04: Stuffed rabbit of chaos, vampire puppet. = Feigenbaum/Puppet!Angel, guessed by deird1
05: Scruffy nerd, lithe golden goddess, Rex loves them both. = Connor Temple/Abby Maitland, guessed by missmurchison – Rex is Abby’s pet flying lizard from the Permian Era.
06: “Ready?” “Ready.” Desperate for a shag, and shaggable. = Randy Giles/Joan the Vampire Slayer, guessed by desdemonaspace
07: He’s an absolute ruler, she’s a vampire noble. Together, they fight mime. = Vetinari and Lady Margolotta, guessed by weird_cowgirl
08: She was made to love him. You should see him naked. I mean, really. = BuffyBot/Spike, guessed by deird1
09: Nobody tosses off a dwarf – except the beautiful lady of the Golden Wood.= Gimli/Galadriel, guessed by deird1
10: Wicked ripe plum, in the moment with the Watcher. = Drusilla/Giles, guessed by beer_good_foamy
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