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Drabble: Dog Food

Spamming slightly; ffutures made a comment on the drabble that I just posted that inspired me to write another one. This time a straight Buffyverse one, again a 200-word double drabble in 2 equal 100-word parts.

Dog Food

Willow frowned as she watched the TV news. Recession, devastation in Gaza, auto workers facing job losses; apart from the inauguration of President Obama everything was bleak. She sighed.

“I wish everyone in the world could have lots of hugs and puppies,” she said.

Behind her a girl, supposedly a new Slayer, morphed into demon visage and grinned fiendishly. “Wish granted,” she said, and vanished.

“Oops. Big oops,” Willow said. “Bad Willow. I used the ‘W’ word.”

“No biggy,” Buffy said, stepping over a yelping puppy and giving Willow a big hug. “Hugs and puppies? How bad could it be?”

- - - - -

The newsreader exchanged hugs with her co-presenter, brushed a puppy off her desk, and faced the camera. “Hello, and here is the news,” she said. “The plague of puppies continues to spread chaos across America and the rest of the world. The hungry canines are eating everyone out of house and home. Food stocks are running out and President Obama has announced that he is being forced to consider introducing rationing.”

She paused for another hug and continued. “A surprise development may ease the situation. America has received an unprecedented offer of food aid from an unexpected source. North Korea.”

The End

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