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Happy Birthday Lisa! & Drabble: Snack Attack

Happy birthday to bogwitch!

In other news; The Order of the Stick is usually extremely funny but the other day it just ripped my heart out. Really. Poor, poor, Varsuvius. And I’ve just ripped my own heart out; although I’m primarily occupied right now with Chapter 3 of ‘A Plague of Serpents’, which I’ve just started posting at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’, I had an idea for a later scene and I wrote it now while the idea was fresh. By the time I finished writing it the tears were pouring down my cheeks. It will probably be at least a couple of weeks before I catch up to that point in the story, and anyone else sees it, but it will probably have the same effect on readers then.

Back to more cheerful matters. I would have liked to do a birthday fic for Lisa but I’ve been furiously busy; with voting at the ‘Twisting the Hellmouth Awards’, with the recent ‘Tabula Avatar’ chapter, and the ‘TtH Awards’ inspired ‘Take Me To Your Leda’, and the aforementioned Chapter 3 of ‘A Plague of Serpents’. None of those stories would have been suitable as a birthday fic. All I have is this little thing, not really tailored to Boggy, which was inspired by a recent drabble by married_n_mich in which she had Buffy say “What if the world was one big cookie?”

A 200-word double drabble, rating G, crossover between BtVS and the Marvel Comics (and movies) universe.

Snack Attack

Buffy smiled. “What if the world was one big cookie?”

At that moment a glowing object streaked across the sky and hurtled toward them. As it grew closer they saw that it was a sleek humanoid figure, apparently made of some silvery metal, atop a metallic surfboard. It landed just in front of them and the figure disembarked.

“Greetings, Earthlings,” said the figure. “I am the Silver Surfer, the Herald of Galactus. He is on his way to eat your planet. Put your affairs in order as your brief lives are over.”

After a futile attempt by Buffy to Slay him, resulting only in Angel being knocked unconscious by the Power Cosmic and Buffy shattering her stake against the Silver Surfer’s impervious form, she folded her arms and glared at him. “That is so not fair!” she protested. “Why couldn’t he eat an uninhabited planet, like, say, Neptune or something?”

The Silver Surfer shrugged. “Your world is one big cookie,” he explained. “If it makes you feel any better, know that Neptune will also be consumed by Galactus the Devourer.”

“How come?” Buffy asked. “Is Neptune a great big cookie too?”

“No,” the Silver Surfer explained, “Neptune is the milk.”

The End (of the world as we know it…)

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