Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Birthday greetings and a temporary goodbye

Belated Happy Birthdays to: kristinholt, gamiila, blackdesires_87, commius_rex, mefnord, opalescence, souloftherose, pinkfriction, mnmbelle, and lilachigh.

Happy Birthday to boschette. And Happy Birthday for tomorrow (when I won’t be able to post) to sammywol, and for the 17th (when I still won’t be able to post) to jenjojen.

I'm off to WriterCon UK tomorrow. We're staying an extra two days; I wanted to stay until the Monday to avoid the railway repair work that often disrupts travel on Sundays (and did on the last WriterCon), and we decided to stay one more day to have some time to explore England. Back on Tuesday night.
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