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Half Drabble and Political Witterings

Belated Happy Birthdays to tinpanalley and to scribll; Happy Birthday to mbangel10

2,620 words done on the next ‘Tabula Avatar’ chapter; back to work tonight so it won’t be finished for a while. I’ll try to work on it in the mornings, when I get home from work, alternating with the Dr. Horrible fic and my presentation for WriterCon UK. My back is quite a lot better now.

Here’s a political rant, inspired by a little post by redwolf50 about American politics, and a silly 50-word Buffyverse half-drabble with no particular point; Season 6, Life Serial.

An Easy Mistake to Make

Buffy gazed at Angel over the rim of her coffee cup. “So, you went off to a monastery to mourn me?”

“That’s right,” said Angel. “I studied with llamas.”

“So you were in Tibet, right? Hey, did you see Oz?”

“Oz?” Angel’s brows descended. “No, I wasn’t in Tibet. Peru.”

Good and Evil

In the country in which I was born, and which these days I can just see on the horizon from my office window if it's a clear day, there are two major political parties: the Good Party and the Evil Party.

The Evil Party was in power for a very long time and did many moderately Evil things. During the period out of office the Good Party thought about their position and decided that the reason they were out of office was that they weren't Evil enough. They chose a charismatic but insane and diabolically Evil front-man to be their leader and went into the next election on a platform of lies.

The country had tired of the Evil Party's promises of prosperity for all, now revealed as falsehoods, and yearned for a time of Good once more. The Evil Party were thrown out and yea, verily, there was great rejoicing throughout the land.

Unfortunately the so-called Good Party, once in office, turned out to be many times more Evil than the Evil Party at its worst. The populace were oppressed, money was taken from the poor and given to the rich, and the Liar launched a series of pointless wars the like of which the country had not known since the 14th and 15th Centuries. Some who spoke out against the wars, including one who was in the high echelons of the so-called Good Party, died in mysterious circumstances and none dared investigate their fate. A new crime was introduced, that of Being A Brazilian In A Public Place, for which the penalty was to be shot through the head seven times at point blank range.

Even when the Prince of Lies was finally persuaded to quit, and the people didst greatly rejoice, the Great Clunking Fist who took over turned out to be at least as Evil and also incompetent, stupid, and a vindictive control freak. It is said of him; “Br**n couldn't get more unpopular if he released a record called 'I Like To Kill Puppies With Hammers'.” Now the people lament, saying “We yearneth even for the return of Liar, for, verily, he might have been Satan incarnate but at least he was charming with it, unlike this sour git.”

The Evil Party looked at their time out of office and came to the conclusion that they had lost because they were not Good enough. They have been working hard at being Nice. They will win the next election, polls suggest by the biggest margin in all of recorded history, and then we shall see if it’s a genuine conversion.

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