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Dr. Horrible Crossover Ficlet: Chestnut Mare

Today is writerconuk’s birthday. There isn’t much point in wishing happy birthday to a community; instead I’ll remind those not already going that the MidiMeet 2008 is 15th-17th August in Reading, UK, and there are plenty of places left. It’s not just for the Buffy fandom, or even just for writers, and last year’s was a lot of fun. Come and join us!

Here is my first Dr. Horrible fic; crossover with Buffy Season 8, spoilers for Issue 16, very slight spoilers for Dr. Horrible Act III. Not to be taken seriously. 250 words, rating – I’m not sure. R, I suppose. In the same reality as the 'Giant Dawn Dating' series The Secret Diary of Dawn Summers (Height 16 ¾ metres) .

Chestnut Mare

“Being a centaur sucks,” Dawn said, scraping at the grass with her right front hoof, “but at least it’s stopped the constant stream of giant suitors.”

“Yeah, definitely of the good,” Xander agreed, “although, hey, getting to meet Optimus Prime was pretty cool.”

“I guess,” said Dawn, “but boinking him, not so much. I don’t even think he has the right, uh, parts.”

“Hey, Optimus Prime can transform into...” Xander began, and then he caught sight of three approaching figures. “Uh, Dawnie, I think maybe you spoke too soon.”

“What the? Cowboys?” Dawn glared at the three mustachioed men in Stetsons and chaps who were striding in bow-legged fashion towards the ruined castle. “Forget it, guys. No way am I going to give you a ride.”

The cowboys struck a pose and burst into song.

“Oh Dawn the lovely centaur, listen to what we sing
We are not here to ride you, we’re only here to bring
A message from our leader, who wants you for his mare
(Although we would quite like a ride, if he’s prepared to share)
Our master is a stallion, you’ve heard of him of course
The Thoroughbred of Sin, he is the great Bad Horse!
Bad Horse, Bad Horse,
Bad Horse, Bad Horse,
From the Evil League of Evil,
Bad Horse, Bad Horse.”

“Now that’s just… wrong,” Xander said.

“Bad Horse? Ewww! That is totally gross.” Dawn screwed up her mouth. “And, hey, the ickiest thing of all, my rear end is kinda tempted.”

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