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Drabble: You Little Thief

Here is yet another in the ‘War of the Rings’ Lord of the Rings crossover drabble series that beer_good_foamy and I have been bouncing around between us. The complete series (including one done by someone else that fits exactly into the internal continuity) is now in Memories.

You Little Thief

Faith padded barefoot into the Great Hall, relaxed and happy after a dalliance with the Sons of Elrond, in search of a post-coital cigarette. She went to the chair where she had left her jacket, put her hand in the pocket, and came up empty.

Pippin squirmed nervously and attempted to hide the packet behind his back. Faith spotted the movement.

“You little thief!” Faith growled, and she charged. Pippin fled.

“Have some of my Longbottom Leaf,” Gandalf offered, proffering his pouch.

“Not now, wizard dude,” Faith replied, lashing out a foot at Pippin, “I’m trying to kick the hobbit.”

Tags: drabbles, fic, lotr
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