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Drabble: In The Dark

Happy birthday to airawyn and crossreactivity

The War of the RingsDrabbles began when beer_good_foamy started it all with Everybody Knows Men Never Ask Directions. My response was The Only Way To Travel. BGF struck back with The Evils of Capitalism, to which I replied with There’s Something About Frodo. BGF’s reply was Be Adequite. Now it’s my turn again. 100 words, PG.

In The Dark

Aragorn led the way into the Paths of the Dead. Legolas and Gimli followed at his heels. Behind them came Halbarad and the Rangers of the North. The air in the dark tunnels was chill and the grim presence of the Dead cast a pall of horror over the companions.

“Fear not,” Legolas urged them, “for the Oath that the Dead swore was to fight against Sauron. They must fulfil their Oath to be free.”

“Why would they break such an Oath?” Gimli wondered.

The leader of the Dead shambled up. “Hey, man,” said Jerry Garcia, “it clashed with Woodstock.”

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles, fic, lotr
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