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Drabble: Paternity Case

I was mimicking ff.net story summaries in a reply to a comment recently - OMG a gril cums 2 sunydale & falls 4 Zander hes reely teh sun of Hercule & Zena LOL - and it sparked a tiny plot bunny. My shotgun was out of reach, I couldn't stop the bunny, and it got me; luckily it was only carrying a Drabble. Not going to bother with a cut.

Paternity Case

Xander gave a big goofy grin. “So I’m not really a Harris? Outstanding! The son of Hercules and Xena. Mucho good news there. Famous parents, cool. What I always dreamed of. Do I get any cool superpowers? Like, skill with the chakram?”

Poirot stroked his magnificent moustache. “Alas, you have not inherited any of your mother’s strength or skill. Only her dark hair and, how you say, wisecracking. It seems you have inherited leetle from your father either. Not his famous leetle grey cells, that is certain. I did not say ‘Hercules’, I said ‘Hercule’. Xander, I am your father.’
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