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Somebody out there likes me

I've been nominated at Vampire Kisses. For lots and lots of things, with lots of my stories. So many that it's going to take me ages and ages to get sorted out and get the links to the VK awards up on my site (sorry vampkiss)

My wife (and beta) had been saying something last night about intending to nominate me, so I naturally assumed it was her; but no, when I said "I'm surprised at you putting "Pandora's Boxer" up for best romance", she said "What are you talking about? I didn't nominate it for anything," so not her. She says she did nominate "It's Got to be Perfect" for 3 awards late last night, but at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards.

Anyway, if the person who did nominate me reads LJ - THANKS!
Tags: nominations/awards
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