Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Shooting yourself in the foot with a Yarygin PYa / MP-443 "Grach"

I hadn't intended to participate in the LiveJournal strike on Friday; I might well not have posted anyway, but that would just have been because I'll probably be asleep through most of the day (after I get home from work) and not because I was actively striking.

And then I read anton_nossik's post HERE. SUP think that this guy can do PR for them? Who were the unsuccessful applicants? Britney Spears? Amy Winehouse? Jade Goody? Heather McCartney? The skeleton of the late and unlamented Pol Pot? If SUP had run a contest, the prize being a majority shareholding in Gazprom, to write a post that would put my back up as much as possible that is exactly what the winning contestant would have come up with. Can I say, nekulturny?

So, when I don't post anything here on Friday, it won't be because I'm asleep; it will be because I'm on strike. If I do have time to post anything it will be at Insane Journal.

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