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Primeval drabble: Time Flies

I was incredibly slow to get into ‘Primeval’. What I heard about it initially didn't appeal to me and I didn't watch the first season at all. Recently I saw the trailer for the episode with the sabre-tooth at the amusement park, was interested enough to watch it expecting to see fun badfic, and found that it was in fact excellent on every level. This weekend I made a point of watching both of the final episodes of the season. I’ll get the first season on DVD as soon as I can, followed by the second season when it is released, and catch up. I’m impressed by their use of the less common monsters from the past rather than only the blatantly obvious ones of ‘Jurassic Park’. Permian gorgonopsids rock!

I doubt if I'll do much ficcing of the show, as a lot of the appeal is visual, but Helen is a great villain and I like Connor and Abby, and so I can't rule it out. It does have the advantage that I can leave the spell-checker set to ‘English (United Kingdom)’! I’m starting off with a drabble. I’m afraid that it won't mean anything at all to those who don't watch ‘Primeval’. 100 words, PG for one very mild swearword.

Time Flies

“The enhancements to the anomaly detector were counter-productive,” said Lester.

“Damn,” said Nick. “How come?”

“We found billions of tiny anomalies, only a centimetre across,” Lester explained. “Their distribution matches isotherms. They connect days when the temperature drops below 17 Celsius with points the following year when it rises again.”

“Odd,” Nick commented.

“Inexplicable,” Lester agreed, “and they clogged up the whole system with false positives. We had to abort. There was one useful outcome as a side-effect. We’ve solved a mystery that has perplexed thinkers for centuries.”

Nick frowned. “Which one?”

“Where do flies go in the winter time?”
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