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Drabble: Escape From Eden

The results of my Original Character poll are fairly conclusive; Sorkatani wins, with as many votes as all of the others put together. I’m rather surprised that Anna only received one vote; okay, she’s a ruthless killer who has been indoctrinated since childhood with the idea that it is her duty to shove a sharpened bicycle spoke through Dawn’s heart, but she’s a good girl really.

Viconia is, of course, not an Original Character of mine; she was created by the writers at Bioware.

During this set of nights off work various real-life issues, involving moving furniture and painting walls, have cut into my writing time and energy, but I might have something to post tomorrow; a surprise continuation of a fic that I haven’t touched for months.

Belated Happy Birthday to rhionnach; Happy Birthday to digopheliadug and adriana_is

Recently agilebrit mentioned that she had begun work on a story about time travel to the Garden of Eden. I immediately dashed off a drabble on the subject and posted it in her Comments. I have now decided to share it with the rest of you. 100 words, PG.

Escape From Eden

The time traveler lowered his M-10. There were no visible threats in the area, although nearby he could see a lion lying down with a lamb.

A naked local woman gazed at him with evident curiosity. She closed one eye and covered it with a hand, mimicking his eye patch, and smiled.

“Yeah, I just have one eye,” the time traveler said. “Have an apple, babe.” He tossed a fruit to her.

The woman bit into the apple. “Good,” she said. “Thank you. I am Eve. Who are you?”

“Robert Plissken,” said the time traveler, “but everyone calls me Snake.”

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