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Drabble: Over the Rainbow, Innit?

It’s a long time since I’ve done any silly drabbles, not since X-mas, but your respite is over. This one is as stupid and pointless as anything I’ve ever done, and it’s perhaps my first RPF drabble (I have changed the name, but pretty transparently). Crossover of AtS with the Grammy Awards. 100 words, PG.

Over the Rainbow, Innit?

The singer gestured toward the TV. “She took the awards rightfully mine,” he told the demon within the summoning pentagram. “Get rid of her. Banish her to some hell dimension.”

The demon grinned. “I know just the place.”

- - - - -

Amy Whinehouse looked around with eyes wide with amazement. “Where am I?” she gasped. “This ain’t London.”

“Indeed not,” said the fat and hideous hulk who stood nearby. “This is Pylea.” She screwed up her ugly face and peered at the singer. “Are you Amy Whinehouse, cow?”

“Yeah,” Amy confirmed.

The monster turned away. “Numfar!" she bellowed, "Do the dance of rehab!”

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