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Birthday greetings, nominations, request for information

Belated birthday greetings to gillo, lk737, liz_marcs, moedonna, selinde2, krjemb, ljs, tessarin, beldam1, and to flurblewig.

Sorry I missed the actual dates; I've hardly been on LiveJournal at all recently. I stumbled upon a 'Baldur's Gate' fanfic site that I thought had been abandoned years ago and I've been doing some extensive reading. When I finished that I received several notifications that I have been nominated for various awards at 'Twisting the Hellmouth', for 'Tabula Avatar' and 'Noggin and the Vampire', and since then I've been reading and re-reading other nominees so that I can vote. Plus, of course, my usual nights at work and time spent writing.

Casting my votes will involve hard decisions. In one category ffutures' Modesty Blaise crossover 'Counter-Coup' is up against keswindhover's Discworld crossover 'Dwarfbread'. I've been trying to make my mind up on that one for three days. There are other categories in which the decision will be almost as hard. I don't like voting without having read at least part of all the entries and so I have a lot of reading to do. Of course some authors make it easy for me; those who talk of Faith having gone 'rouge', or who mix up 'where' and 'were', pretty much rule themselves out of consideration unless the plot and characterisation are really quite exceptional.

Only existing members of TtH can vote and so there's no point in anyone not already a member rushing off there to support me (or Marcus, Kes, Booster, etc); but if any existing members do want to vote for me 'Noggin and the Vampire' is up for 'Best Cartoons Crossover'; 'Tabula Avatar' for 'Best Miscellaneous Crossover', 'Best Unfinished Crossover (Other)', 'Best Portrayal of a Villain (Tazok)', and 'Best Pairing (Spike/Viconia)'; and I'm up for 'Best Crossover Author'. Thanks to whoever made the nominations - I was nominated more than once in some categories and so I believe I have more than one person to thank.

The next chapter of 'Tabula Avatar' is well under way but I'd appreciate some advice on US slang from an American member of my F-list. I'm after a colloquial term for female pubic hair that Buffy might use.
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, nominations/awards
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