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Belated happy birthday to kazzy_cee and beccagirl17555

and happy birthday to desoto_hia873 and miriya_2099

On Sunday, when I was cleaning my teeth, they fell out into the sink and snapped in two. My lower palate, that is, containing all my lower back teeth. Only the front teeth are my own. This made it rather difficult to eat. I could nibble, but not chew, and I was therefore very restricted in what I could eat. Soup, mainly.

No problem, I thought. There is a dental technician a hundred yards from my house who fixes dentures in an hour.

Except that there wasn't. When I went there on Monday there was no-one there. The shop unit that he used has a history of businesses moving in and then going out of business. I fear that he has joined that number, for when I returned home (bringing my teeth back with me) I looked in the phone book and found that his number isn't listed any more.

However there was another dental technician listed, ten minutes walk away rather than one minute, but within reach anyway. I took my teeth to him today and now I can rejoice for, verily, he has welded my teeth together. I can eat again! Rejoice!

Actually I had fish and chips for tea, rather than a cheeseburger, but I could have had cheeseburgers if I'd wanted.
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, medical_things

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