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I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER! - Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.

Belated happy birthday to kazzy_cee and beccagirl17555

and happy birthday to desoto_hia873 and miriya_2099

On Sunday, when I was cleaning my teeth, they fell out into the sink and snapped in two. My lower palate, that is, containing all my lower back teeth. Only the front teeth are my own. This made it rather difficult to eat. I could nibble, but not chew, and I was therefore very restricted in what I could eat. Soup, mainly.

No problem, I thought. There is a dental technician a hundred yards from my house who fixes dentures in an hour.

Except that there wasn't. When I went there on Monday there was no-one there. The shop unit that he used has a history of businesses moving in and then going out of business. I fear that he has joined that number, for when I returned home (bringing my teeth back with me) I looked in the phone book and found that his number isn't listed any more.

However there was another dental technician listed, ten minutes walk away rather than one minute, but within reach anyway. I took my teeth to him today and now I can rejoice for, verily, he has welded my teeth together. I can eat again! Rejoice!

Actually I had fish and chips for tea, rather than a cheeseburger, but I could have had cheeseburgers if I'd wanted.

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13 comments or speak 2 me
sammywol From: sammywol Date: November 6th, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Rejoice! Any good choice on the culinary front I'd say.
fenchurche From: fenchurche Date: November 6th, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
At least you didn't do what my step-dad did once... he's missing his lower front teeth and had stuck in his false ones in a hurry one morning to answer the phone... and then forgot that they weren't really "in." A bit later, he was swallowing his morning coffee and got a bit more than he'd bargained for, which led to a rush to the emergency room since they were stuck in his throat. Thankfully, the ER folks were able to get them out without inflicting too much damage. So, be grateful that yours fell out and not in!! :-)

And now I'm going sit here being jealous of your fish and chips. Especially if you got them with curry sauce.
enigmaticblues From: enigmaticblues Date: November 6th, 2007 10:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hooray for teeth that work! Not being able to eat sucks.
ljs From: ljs Date: November 6th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad that you got that fixed!
woman_of_ From: woman_of_ Date: November 6th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Horry for the eating experience
ayinhara From: ayinhara Date: November 7th, 2007 12:57 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad that you got your denture fixed. Last spring I had a porcelain cap break, leaving me with a gap between my lower teeth. Since I am very far from 6 years old that definitely made me feel self conscious. The problem was fixed in the summertime with a dental implant. Pretty fancy stuff and now I can bite with my front teeth again.
From: averageshmoe Date: November 7th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC) (Link)
i remember how in one of your stories, 'hounds of love' i believe, giles and spike had a conversation about the proper way of preparing and eating fish and chips. for those of us over here in the colonies could you make a few suggestions about how to do it properly?

My mom did something similar with her upper plate, unfortunately her insurance would cover the replacing but not the repairing of said plate.

I won't go into detail, but let us say that as a temporary solution I made use of rubber bands and superglue.

curiouswombat From: curiouswombat Date: November 7th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Chips should be cut from the potatoes in such a way that they are mainly about 3 -5 inches long, and about half an inch square in cross section.

Best fried by blanching first - i.e dunking them in very hot fat for a few minutes until part cooked, then leaving them to drain, for minutes, hours, or even until tomorrow, and finishing by deep frying in hot fat until golden brown. Drain off excess fat, serve liberally sprinkled with salt and vinegar.

The fish should traditionally be cod or haddock, but any chunky white fish will do. it is cut into steaks, not fillets usually, and should be coated with a simple batter and deep fried.

Although most people buy them from the chippy, to be honest. And the absolutely traditional way to eat them is with your fingers, out of the paper they come wrapped in!
manoah From: manoah Date: November 7th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
There is nothing worse in this world than tooth or teeth problems. Ok, maybe feets problems. Either way! Go cheezeburger! Or Fish. ;)
ozma914 From: ozma914 Date: November 7th, 2007 06:57 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you able to get back on the eating wagon again!
framefolly From: framefolly Date: November 7th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)
My mom has perennial denture problems, so I've witnessed how frustrating they can be -- hooray that yours were fixed relatively painlessly!
winsomeone From: winsomeone Date: November 7th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
My husband has really soft teeth (inherited) and has had dental problems for years. He has two bridges now. Last year one of them came loose and fell out. He wasn't able to get it cemented into place until the following afternoon.
It's definitely no fun when you can't eat. :-(

The fish sounds good, but I like burgers more.
desoto_hia873 From: desoto_hia873 Date: November 8th, 2007 11:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much! I've been out of town and offline since early Tuesday morning, so I'm just catching up on LJ now. It was a work-related trip, but there was partying, and it was good. :-)
13 comments or speak 2 me