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Drabble: Fire in the Sky

I went back and changed the name of Nonoma'e'e's Watcher in 'Came the Thunder' chapter one. Multi-lingual puns based on a spelling mistake? Not a good idea, in hindsight, especially in a non-humorous work. I'm halfway through the second chapter now, and I've made progress on 'Tabula Avatar' too, but I keep getting distracted by drabble plot bunnies.

Like this one. It's a drabble response to beer_good_foamy’s Black Knight Is A Long Way From Home (read that first). I will post another two drabbles later that will tie in as well. Knowledge of classic rock music is necessary.

100 words of sheer stupidity. Angel Season 5. Rating PG.

Fire In The Sky

“It’s the new company no smoking policy,” Harmony explained. “I don’t mind, ‘cause hey, I only smoke ‘cause it’s evil and I never really got to liking it, but getting Spike to go along with it is gonna be a bitch.”

Angel frowned. Something strange was going on at Wolfram & Hart and he couldn’t work out why. There had to be some common factor…

He gazed out at the ornamental pool. He could barely make out the stepping stones, hidden just under the surface, but the large sign beside the pool was impossible to miss.


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