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Famous for 15 minutes

The website has gone quantum. More Unique Visitors so far in July than in the whole of June and accelerating. The proportion of visitors adding it to Favourites is over 10%. And at last "Pandora's Boxer" and "Speaker-to-Customers" have overtaken 'enigmaticblue buffy fanfic'* as the leading sources of referrals to the site via Google.

I'm getting lots of positive feedback. Including from people who I regard as wonderful writers themselves. Yay me!

Which is all good incentive. Yes, I'm being a good boy and getting on industriously with Chapter 21 of "Pandora's Boxer". As soon as I finish that I will jump straight into the next instalment of the Violent Elizabeth BuffyBott stories. Then back to "It's Got to be Perfect" and so on.

Somewhere I've got to fit in a life. Just as well the Wombat is my biggest fan and is also eagerly awaiting the next chapters. Although she also wants me to write Season 2 of the Roxyverse so that we can play over the school holidays, we've got to fit in occasional breaks for shagging, and work is absolutely shit at the moment and is draining my creative energies.

So life is a bit of good and a bit of bad, but virtual reality is abso-bloody-lutely fantastic.

I so rock. Except in those areas in which I suck. Which of course I'm not going to mention. If I don't blow my own trumpet who will? Well, yes, the Wombat will, I know. But we will speak of that no more.

* the reason 'enigmaticblue buffy fanfic' finds
http://www.speaker-to-customers.me.uk/ is because I've got a congrats up to her, for her well-deserved awards, and a link to her site. That search phrase doesn't find her site because she doesn't use the expression 'fanfic' there at all. Only 'fan fiction'.
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