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Happy birthday to merfilly and belated happy birthday to sistercuervo

Yay! Lewis is on pole! It's a pity that the wrong person won the Ladies' tennis, but one can't have everything.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours listening to Turkish pop music! I also went to the dentists and, frankly, the dental visit was the more pleasant of the two experiences. My musical masochism was research for Access All Areas. It is, however, highly unlikely that any of it will actually crop up in the story. I also spent ages working out what music Anna liked when she was fifteen (Alizée, if anyone is interested). Again, the chance of making use of that knowledge within the story is minimal.

I do this sort of thing all the time. Layer upon layer of detail. And then I don’t use it because the plot would be buried. Is it worth it? I have no idea. I tend to work on the principle that it’s better to have something, and not need it, than to need something and not have it. And the end results seem to be satisfactory.

I’ve been dotting around between stories in the past couple of days. A thousand words of ‘Tabula Avatar’, a thousand of ‘Dojo Hard’, and a thousand of ‘Access All Areas’. I have no idea which will appear as a complete chapter first.

Is the entire line-up for the Live 8 concert utter crap or am I just being very unlucky in when I choose to switch over to that channel?

Buffyworld.com is gone! Crap! That's going to make things more difficult for me in the future.
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