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Double Drabble: I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes

ffutures made a comment on yesterday’s Graduation Day drabble Union of the Snake that inspired me to write another. This one is a 200-word double drabble. Also BtVS Season 3, rating PG.

I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes

“Sorry to bother you, sir,” Allan said. He gulped. “I, uh, thought that you should see this.”

The Mayor frowned. “I hope you washed your hands thoroughly.”

“I did, sir,” Allan assured him. “I found this on the Internet. You really should read it, sir.”

The Mayor took the paper from his assistant. “What is it?”

“Peter Anspach’s Evil Overlord List, sir.” Allan gulped again. “Point 34, sir.”

The Mayor scanned the list and found the item in question. “Hmm. ‘I will not turn into a snake. It never helps’. Very interesting. Perhaps I should reconsider my plans.” He laid the sheet of paper down. “Thank you, Allan. Summon Mr. Trick. We’ll cancel the Gavrok spiders and arrange an alternative purchase.”

- - - - -

“It’s a little sooner than I expected,” the Mayor said. “I had this whole section on civic pride.” He swayed, grimaced, and dropped his cue cards. “But I guess we’ll just skip to the big finish.”

Buffy and Willow stared. Their mouths opened in amazement as the Mayor twisted, distorted, and grew. His head rose until he towered above them. White fangs gleamed as he opened his jaws. The students cowered away from their terrifying opponent.

A sixty-foot mongoose.

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