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Birthday greetings and a Drabble

Happy birthday to diachrony, to melissabot,

and to novichok74

Here is a drabble; not specifically for anyone's birthday. A rather different outcome to 'Graduation Day'. PG, 100 words.

Union of the Snake

Mayor Richard Wilkins III gulped down the last of the students and paused to survey the wreckage of the High School. He was smoke-blackened, even singed, but unharmed. “You performed admirably,” he praised his vampire minions. “It seems almost a shame to do this, but I’m still hungry, so…” He opened his huge jaws and lunged.

“I must admit that I was worried for a moment,” he mused, “when I realized that I was being led into a trap. I’m glad that they didn’t know of my one vulnerability.” He gobbled down the last vampire before voicing the secret. “Hummus.”

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles
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