Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Foiled by the cat

Happy birthdays to timeofchange and cbtreks

My schedule called for me to post the next chapter of 'Tabula Avatar' tonight. Unfortunately, due to the cat, I'm running late.

In order to write the story I need to replay sections of the game. I have multiple saves at various stages of the game and usually it isn't a big problem to find one relevant to the chapter that I'm writing. Prior to the last chapter I played through from a suitable point in the city up to the entry into the Spellhold maze. I did a Quicksave at that point, by hitting 'Q' on the keyboard, because I already have a save not long after the Asylum exit and I didn't anticipate needing the maze entry point save for long. I then made a quick run through the maze, to regain my feel for it, prior to the run during which I would be taking careful notes for story purposes. Just as my playing version of Sorkatani emerged from the maze...

...the cat walked over the keyboard and stood on the 'Q' key. Game saved - overwriting the save to which I needed to go back. I had to retreat to the prior save, some 8 hours of game time earlier, and work my way forward again. All time during which I could have been writing. Damn cat.

Those of you who are also on curiouswombat's F-list will know that she left for York this morning. She has arrived safely and she has on-line access there. For the next few days you'll have as much access to her as I have. I'm all alone save for... the cat.
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, general
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