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Drabble: Deserted Cities of the Heart

I had intended to spend a couple of hours writing today but I was too tired after a tough night at work. I’ve slept for more than 9 hours and I’ll have time to do little more than won't even have time to read the new chapters of fics from julia_here and enigmatic_blue. I have, however, knocked off a quick drabble. It’s set during ‘Passion’, Giles-centric, and it is most definitely not one of my humorous punning drabbles. The title is taken from a Cream song – Giles is canonically a Cream fan. 100 words, of course.

Deserted Cities of the Heart

Giles ascended the stairs, taking care not to stand on the roses that lay on each step, and entered the bedroom. Jenny lay on the bed and his smile grew broader. As he drew nearer his smile faded. His grip on the glasses in his hand slackened. She was absolutely motionless and there was no sign of breathing.

Suddenly her eyes opened. “Ah,” Giles said, smiling again. “You gave me quite a start there. You were so still that for a moment I feared that you might be, ah, dead.”

Jenny opened her mouth to reveal her fangs. “I am.”

Tags: drabbles, fic
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