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Let's all go Insane

Thoughts on the Permanent Account sale:

I have regretted getting my Permanent Account for a long time. I feel as if I no longer matter to LiveJournalSixApart at all; I've given them my money, I can't take it back, and I don't see their stinking adverts so I'm of no value to them as someone to whom they can try to sell useless tat.

I'm not specifically urging you not to buy Permanent Accounts, but I would like to point out that Permanent Accounts on Insane Journal are only $30, plus $10 for extra Userpics - making 300! - and, most importantly, Squeaky who runs Insane Journal is a really nice guy and positively welcomes Fandom people.

Okay, Brad was a nice guy too once, before he sold out to the Minions of SatanSixApart, but even if Squeaky were to sell out too it would doubtless be a long time in the future. And if all the people who are seriously pissed off with LiveJournal voted with their feet and moved to Insane Journal it would put Insane Journal on a totally sound financial footing and make any such sell-off an even more distant possibility.

The interface is the same as LiveJournal, and although the default layout totally sucks it's quite easy to change it to a better one. YouTube embedding isn't yet active but Squeaky has promised that he's working on it. That's the only missing feature that I've noticed. Most of LJ's fancy new bells and whistles are of rather less interest to me than studies of the sedimentary deposits at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Written in Serbo-Croat.

Someone on my F-list posted a link to an explanation of how to export your whole LiveJournal to a different Journal service. Alas, I can't find it to repost the link. ETA: see the comment by liz_marcs below for the link.

I would no longer recommend Greatest Journal, although the interface has a couple of features that are vastly superior to the LiveJournal equivalents; the management are corporate drones with a nasty streak just like SixApart, only poorer, and my GJ is being plagued by comment spam.

Obviously I'm continuing to use my LiveJournal; I have paid for the damn thing, after all. But if I had a normal Paid account I would have let it lapse down to Basic. However I'm gradually stocking up the speakr2customrs Insane Journal with more and more content; and eventually I'll start posting new stories there before I post them here.

ETA: I've just posted a sneak preview of a scene from the next Tabula Avatar chapter at the Insane Journal version of speakr2customrs' Words in the Heroes' Tongue. If you're interested go there.
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