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Killing four birds with one stone

Chapter Thirteen of Access All Areas, the Spike/Dawn story that I am co-writing with curiouswombat, is now up on her journal.

I posted Chapter 47 of Tabula Avatar yesterday; Sunday afternoon UK time was probably a fairly silly time to post it and it wouldn’t be surprising if some prospective readers missed it.

I’m looking for a fic ETA: question answered by mbangel10.

And I’m looking for icons. I have made several icons for use in Tabula Avatar that portray the BG2 characters, and one of Spike, but I’d like ones showing the other BtVS characters. My icon creation and manipping skills are mediocre and, although I have tried to create suitable icons myself, I haven’t been able to come up with anything acceptable yet. I’m looking for Xander in armour (ideally red and black scales but normal steel plate would do) with a two-handed sword, Buffy with a sword, Dawn in black leather, Giles with a guitar, and so on; but against backgrounds that are medieval or at least generic outdoors with no modern buildings, lights, or cars. I know that some people actually enjoy doing such things – I don’t, I only do it to achieve an end result – and I’m hoping that someone might do it for me. The only reward I offer is to have some minor Tabula Avatar character named after you. Probably someone who meets a hideous death at the fangs of Bodhi. That fate is in store for some central characters in the near future so you’ll be in good company.
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