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Shooting myself in the foot?

I've just had the results of the Lie To Me Awards, and Pyromania got Runner-up in the "Dumb, Blonde, and Beautiful" category.

The winner was "A day in the life of someone just like me, by nihilistbear. Here's the kicker: I nominated it.

I'm not jealous. I'm not.

Seriously, I'm not jealous. It's a fantastic story, she's one of my very best LJ friends, and I'm delighted for her.

I had hoped to put more of "Sweet Home Alabama" up tonight, but work rang up and begged me to come in (from my holiday) to cover because someone was ill; I reluctantly agreed, and that chopped over four hours out of my available writing time. So there's not enough done to make it worth while.

I have had a rethink of the title; I may change it to "Life in Shadow", as that resonates more with the theme of the story. The original title was thought up in seconds, I was only writing the snippet as an affectionate dig at theohara, and I didn't give it a great deal of thought.

The next installment should go up tomorrow. Although my wife wants me to assembe a bathroom cabinet, and that will eat into my writing time as well.
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