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The tooth is out there...

More teeth trouble. The tooth that had partially snapped off, and which has been root filled and which the dentist was intending to crown, has now snapped all the way off. I’m having a lot of problems biting now.

I now have two back-up journals; an Insane Journal to add to the Greatest Journal that I created back at the time of the last mass exodus. I’m not wild about the Insane Journal interface but the management seem friendly. I’ve just posted a re-written version of my 2004 Harmony-centric fic Pyromania at both those Journals.

I’ve had several Award nominations recently – so many, in fact, that I can’t keep track of them. The latest is ‘Savage Beauty’ at the Shades of Grey Awards. curiouswombat has been nagging me to finish it anyway and this nomination is another push towards that. I certainly will get on with it in the relatively near future, but for the moment ‘Tabula Avatar’ is my top priority. I’m only two or three chapters away from the shattering revelation to which I’ve been looking forward for months. Or perhaps ‘looking forward’ is the wrong phrase; I don’t enjoy inflicting pain on the characters and there is a great deal of pain and suffering to come.

But at least they (at least the survivors) will still have all their own teeth.
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