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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
The recent WriterConUK Event was extremely enjoyable but, since I returned, I’ve found it hard to get back into the mood in which I was writing the Dawn/Sam drabbles and ‘The Witch’s Promise’. I’ve done a little work on ‘Tabula Avatar’ and ‘A Plague of Serpents’ but mainly I’ve been concentrating on the rather morbid Lord of the Rings/Forgotten Realms crossover which has been soaking up altogether too much of my time in the past couple of months. My mind is (like the Wombat’s) stuck a little too firmly in Middle Earth right now for me to write in any other fandom. However at least this morning I managed to regain some levity… and here is the result, born of reading a few too many ‘Tenth Walker’ stories at various archives.

100 words, rating PG.

If Peter Jackson Did Crossovers…Collapse )

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