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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
Happy birthday to daibhid_c

In other news; the video for Coldplay’s single ‘Life in Technicolor II’ is brilliant. There are few songs that can’t be improved by having them performed by puppets.

I’m going to have to push the Wombat into putting aside the ‘Lord of the Rings’-verse for a while and resuming ‘Access All Areas’ soon.

The emotions of the characters I write bleed over into me to some extent. Currently I’m feeling Illyria’s cold and dark despair, Bodhi’s exuberant delight and bloodlust, Joan’s grim determination, Vampire Willow’s oddball humour, and Chantry’s self-loathing and doomed love (really doomed; there will be no happy ending for her, that’s a guarantee). And there is always, always, Sorkatani.

But behind them all is Anna. For months now she has been stuck in hiatus limbo. She watched her idolised father murdered, was captured, and her powers were taken away. She’s in the hands of the Turkish Mafia and they intend to make her death agonising and degrading. They don’t realise that even as a Ptavv she’s still deadly and she is determined to make them regret that. She needs closure; violent, blood-soaked closure, the sort that leaves eyeballs on the floor and two hundred and twenty pound gangster henchmen shattered on the pavement after falling fifty feet from a rooftop.

And, because of the way we are writing that collaborative fic, I don’t know whether she’s going to get that closure or get a bullet in the head in a cellar under an Istanbul nightclub. Only with the aid of the Wombat will I find out. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Something occurred to me as I was writing this; all my current POV characters, now that the Artemis Entreri interlude in ‘Tabula Avatar’ is over, are female. That’s true most of the time, in fact. Sometimes I write Spike POV, less often Giles, and Xander is one of the only two non-OCs who I have written in first person for more than a ficlet, but overwhelmingly I choose to write in female POV despite being a bloke. I wonder why that is?

Current Music: Coldplay, 'Life in Technicolor II'

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Here is a half-drabble, LotR/BG crossover, that just popped into my mind. No cut ‘cause hey, 50 words, G.
The Mirror Hamster of Galadriel

“This is Boo,” said Galadriel. “A miniature giant space hamster, visiting from another universe, who has given us much wise counsel.”

The hamster peered out of Galadriel’s cleavage, causing Gimli to utter a low moan, and spoke. “Tell me, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to squeak with him.”

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