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Not a bad day...

Joy to the world! The Liar is going at last. In an ideal world he would be hanged from a lamp-post, as is traditional for deposed Fascist dictators, but at least it's a start.

We're watching the Eurovision semi-finals tonight as I will be working when the main event is on. Fantastic songs from Bulgaria and from Georgia; a lot of crap from most of the others so far. Not that anything could possibly be as bad as the British entry (ETA: the Danes and Poles seem determined to prove me wrong) (ETAA: the presenters have just revealed that the bloody awful Polish male singer is in fact British, which I suppose explains a lot).

FIC ANNOUNCEMENT! Chapter Twelve of the curiouswombat/speakr2customrs co-production Access All Areas (Rated R) has just gone up on her journal. Contains fight scenes!

And Life, Resumed has been nominated as Best WIP at the Rogue Poet Awards. Thanks to whoever nominated me!
Tags: general, nominations/awards, pimping
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