September 14th, 2008


Crossover fic: Prime Evils

When last I posted, on the 11th, I promised to return to my Dr Horrible fic. It hasn’t happened. I was the victim of an irresistible plot bunny attack for something completely different. Sorry! This is a strange one. A crossover between the Dungeons and Dragons ‘Planescape’ universe, as featured in the CRPG game Planescape: Torment, and ‘Primeval’. A small part of the dialogue is in the ‘Cant’ dialect spoken in the City of Sigil. I’ve always found it easy to understand but, if you are baffled, there is a glossary HERE. The story may include traces of lesbian and hetero sex, and gratuitous use of the Latin names of dinosaurs; the ‘Primeval’ section also contains a few in-jokes aimed specifically at curiouswombat, gillo, and keswindhover.

Summary: two fiends in female form, of different and implacably hostile races, strike up an unlikely friendship that puts them in deadly peril. In a city on another world, unimaginable distances away through both time and space, they discover what is really important to women. Mild spoilers to the end of ‘Primeval’ Season 2. 6,055 words. Rating R.
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