July 30th, 2008

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible Fic: Just For One Day Part Two

I haven’t posted recently, with the exception of a rushed post of the most recent ‘Tabula Avatar’ chapter as I was about to dash off to work on Sunday, and so I’ve missed a lot of birthdays. Belated greetings to draconin, flame81, spikeshunny, sunnyd_lite, akadougal, scarlettgirl, kimbyann, ayinhara, and shallanelprin. And, actually in time, Feliz Natividad to fangfaceandrea.

Those of you who also read curiouswombat’s LJ will be aware that I’ve hurt my back; sciatica, we believe. I’ve been in a lot of pain for the past few days. It’s gradually easing off, and I can more or less function now, but putting on my socks is a laborious and painful process. I have managed to squeeze in a little writing in the time between work and sleep. I’ve been continuing the ‘Dr. Horrible’ fic that I started last week. I wrote a scene that was intended to be the first half of the next chapter; however when I opened it up today to do a little more I looked at the word count and realised that it was precisely 1,000 words. I’m taking that as a sign and posting it today; then I’ll carry straight on with ‘Tabula Avatar’ in my time off work. Part One was here.
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