July 23rd, 2008

Dead Bowie

Dr. Horrible Fic: Just For One Day Part One

Happy birthday to cal_turner, frenchani, and zanthinegirl
I have committed more ‘Dr. Horrible’ fic. This is Part One of what should be a three-part story; it would be short enough to do as a single item but I’ve reached a natural break point and so I’ll stop now to return to ‘Tabula Avatar’. I’ll finish it off after I complete TA Chapter 60.

Spoilers for the whole of ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’. Slight crossover (creature only) with ‘Primeval’. Rating PG so far, but the story outline calls for a lot of violence in the next parts that will probably push it into R territory. Inspired by a comment that beer_good_foamy made on horrible_fic. Summary; the Evil League of Evil face a situation that pushes them into acting in an uncharacteristic fashion.
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