July 21st, 2008

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible Crossover Ficlet: Chestnut Mare

Today is writerconuk’s birthday. There isn’t much point in wishing happy birthday to a community; instead I’ll remind those not already going that the MidiMeet 2008 is 15th-17th August in Reading, UK, and there are plenty of places left. It’s not just for the Buffy fandom, or even just for writers, and last year’s was a lot of fun. Come and join us!

Here is my first Dr. Horrible fic; crossover with Buffy Season 8, spoilers for Issue 16, very slight spoilers for Dr. Horrible Act III. Not to be taken seriously. 250 words, rating – I’m not sure. R, I suppose. In the same reality as the 'Giant Dawn Dating' series The Secret Diary of Dawn Summers (Height 16 ¾ metres) .
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