July 14th, 2008


Crossover fic: Clutching At Straws

Belated happy birthday to ladycat713, happy birthday to iberalla and ozma914
There probably isn’t anyone more easily distracted from existing projects by new plot bunnies than me, alas, and here I go again. When I should have been getting on with ‘Tabula Avatar’, or ‘Came the Thunder’, or ‘Access All Areas’, or finishing off ‘Life, Resumed’ I was writing this instead. It’s a one-off, although I might possibly return to the setting one day. It’s a crossover between Buffy Season 8 and Primeval. Spoilers to the first episode of Primeval Season 2, and to the current issue (16) of the Season 8 comics. 5,000 words, PG. Summary: two hundred and fifty million years ago something went wrong and destroyed Claudia’s life. Now she’s trying to put it back together. A news story about strange happenings at a Scottish castle offers just the faintest glimmer of hope...
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