July 1st, 2008

Lord of the Rings

Seven Drabbles for the Dwarf Lords, in their Halls of Stone

Happy birthday to desdemonaspace

Sorry I haven't replied to comments on the last post yet; as you will see, I've been fully occupied in writing. The series of insane Lord of the Rings crossover drabbles/ficlets bouncing between beer_good_foamy and me now runs: Everybody Knows Men Never Ask Directions, The Only Way To Travel, The Evils of Capitalism, There’s Something About Frodo, Be Adequite, In The Dark, and Hey Mr Clean, You're Dirty Now Too. Beer Good is going to be off-line for a week, he says, and I want to get on with ‘Tabula Avatar’ and ‘Came The Thunder’, and so I’m moving the War of the Ring on with a series of 7 linked 100-word drabbles. Chronologically they come before ‘Hey, Mr Clean’.
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