May 24th, 2008



Apologies to those of my Friends who have had birthdays lately and not had any greetings from me (I know that includes borrowedwings, and probably other long-standing Friends, but I simply haven't had a chance to look). I'm now working 6 nights on, 5 off, 4 on, 5 off, and I've just come off 6 on and it is crushing. Normal service, and writing, will be resumed tomorrow.

Tonight is Eurovision. A night for mocking the crap - and, alas, true to normal form, they don't come any crapper than the British entry. Was it actually an advert for the Halifax? I see Nul Points looming, well-deservedly. Even Ireland's bloody turkey, which was stuffed in the semis, wasn't quite as bad as the UK.

ETA: Israel's entry makes me feel a little better about the UK's. The backing music isn't too bad but the singer is - I don't have words condemnatory enough. Terry Wogan said 'the best entry from Israel in a very long time', but IMO that's rather like saying 'the best ice hockey team that Namibia has produced in a long time'.

And I want the job of the bloke who was lying down and hanging onto the legs of the Armenian lass to stop her falling over at the beginning of her number. Best job EVAH.

Anyone want to bet against Poland getting 12 points from the UK, despite the utter tedium of the song? It's being sung by a mermaid. The bronze one in Copenhagen harbour has more charisma.

DENMARK! WTF? I would have called it a superb Eurovision song - if this was still 1971.

I know the Georgian singer is blind but I think that her decision, in a spirit of solidarity, to employ a blind costume designer was a mistake.

Azerbaijan: looks like a Robbie Williams concert with an infinite budget, sounds like a Bond theme performed by Iron Maiden.

I hope Spain becomes the first country in history ever to get a negative score. There is bad, dire, dreadful, positively vile, and then there is the Spanish 2008 Eurovision entry. A whole new language will have to be written to contain words strong enough to condemn it. I'd rather listen to the chomping noise of a hyena gnawing on my femur than hear it again.

Of course all the best discussion of Eurovision is over on maddeinin's journal.

WTF? WTF? The UK gave the 12 points to Greece? I don't even remember the Greek song, and it's not as if there are hundreds of thousands of Greek migrant workers in the UK. Is totally baffled.

Result! The UK finished joint last, which is pretty much where it deserved to finish. Only the Spanish entry was worse - but then the Spanish entry was also worse than the Black Death, cholera, and the Amazonian fish that swims up the urethras of unwary swimmers and then expands spined gill-covers to lock it in place. Shame the tedious Russian dirge, featuring Plushenko skating on a frozen pizza dish, won - but they'd probably have shut off the gas supply to Western Europe if they hadn't won.
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