May 15th, 2008

Illyria Amused

Fic: Tentacle Sex and the City

Happy Birthday to just_sue, to myfeetshowit,
and happy birthday to mallory_mike

This isn’t a birthday fic for any of today’s birthday people but it could be regarded as a belated birthday fic for bogwitch. Recently hils mentioned on her journal that she didn’t like ‘Sex and the City’. Boggy commented to say that she didn’t like it either. I suggested ‘Tentacle Sex and the City’ as an alternative that she might find more acceptable… and the rest is history. AtS/SatC crossover, no movie spoilers because I haven’t seen it and have no intention of so doing. I’ve seen a few episodes, or at least had them on in the background while doing other things, but I’m not a devotee and I had to watch clips on YouTube as research. Exactly 2,500 words; rating at least R but more for innuendo than graphic detail.
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