May 13th, 2008


Drabble: The Watcher's Dairies

Happy Birthday to spikereader. Belated happy birthday to julia_here and commiserations on the Deer Incident. Also belated happy birthday to mommanerd if it was your birthday; you don’t show on the list and I’m going by other people having posted wishes (and wondering how they knew).

The Chinese government aren't usually my favourite people - especially since they banned yangchencen, who is one of my favourite people, from accessing LiveJournal - but I must admit I've been impressed by their response to the earthquake disaster. It rather puts GWB's response to Katrina to shame - and it totally and utterly puts to shame the appalling gang of brutal kleptocrats who could loosely be termed the 'government' of Burma/Myanmar.

Enough of serious matters. Here is an extremely stupid drabble (not specifically a birthday fic). S6 immediately after ‘Once More With Feeling’. 100 words, rating G.
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