May 8th, 2008

Giles in Tabula Avatar

Tabula Avatar Chapter 58

At long last here is the next chapter of ‘Tabula Avatar’. It’s taken me a lot longer to write this chapter than I expected; it was December 27th when the previous chapter went up! Sorry about that. Previous chapters can be found HERE; you might need a refresher after such a long gap.

Summary: AU from some point during Tabula Rasa, when the crystal didn’t get broken but instead fell into the hands of The Trio. They inserted the trapped memories into the computer game ‘Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn’ and the Scoobies teamed up with the Bhaalspawn and her companions on a quest that took them into deadly peril.

When we left our heroes Buffy and company were impersonating mercenaries in the drow city of Ust Natha. They are disguised as drow (except for Minsc, who is still human, and Xander, who is disguised as a duergar or dark dwarf) and have all adopted aliases. It should be easy enough to see who the aliases refer to but, just in case of confusion after such a long break, I’ve provided a glossary of the aliases as a footnote.

This chapter is 8,660 words. Rating R for some very strong language.
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