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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
I’m juggling 3 stories at the moment, writing a passage of one and then moving to another, writing part of that one and then on to the third. The first of the three to reach a chapter ending point is my ‘Season 6 without Buffy’ story Came The Thunder.

Summary: Willow’s concentration slips during her spell to bring back Buffy, she misses out a couple of words, and a very different resurrected Slayer arrives in Buffy’s place; Nonoma’e’e, Thunder Woman, a Southern Cheyenne killed by the First Colorado Cavalry at the Sand Creek massacre in 1864. Integrating with the Scoobies, and adjusting to this strange new century, isn’t easy for her – or for them.

Chapter 1 is HERE, and each chapter has a link to the next. Rating of the story overall is R for violence. This chapter is fairly tame. 3,550 words. When the last chapter ended ‘Buffy’ had just been wounded by a demon and Nonoma’e’e had seen what lay under her skin…
Came the Thunder: Chapter 4Collapse )

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Happy birthday to lil_leti, sevedra, dmysinger, weird_cowgirl, and theantijoss

Note for anyone who is following Came The Thunder and didn't look at LiveJournal yesterday; I posted Chapter 4.

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