April 16th, 2008


Fic: April Come She Will Part 4/4

Happy Birthday to steanne, and to pixiediva (although she's been away from LiveJournal for a very long time and probably won't see this). Allegedly it is moscow_watcher's birthday too but I don't see any hard evidence of this. Happy birthday if it is your birthday, though.

Belated Happy Birthday to shapinglight and to slackerace.

When I set out to write my April fic I estimated that it would be in 3 parts, totalling approximately 10, 000 words, and I expected to finish it within 5 days of starting. It didn’t happen that way. It ended up as 4 parts, 15,000 words, and it’s taken me 15 days. Here, at last, is the conclusion.

Summary: Warren acts just a little more responsibly about his robot problem and ‘I Was Made To Love You’ doesn’t end quite the same way as it did in the original episode. April’s presence continues to affect events as time goes on and spins things further and further from canon.

For previous chapters go to Part One, Part Two, or Part Three. This chapter is 4,500 words, rating R.
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