April 1st, 2008


I hate April Fool

Belated Happy Birthday to rocalisa

I hate April 1st. Nothing can be relied upon. People do too many stupid things the rest of the year for there to be any need to do them deliberately on one particular day.

This year the home-page and RSS feed of ‘Questionable Content’ has been replaced by ‘Dinosaur Comics’. This is not good. QC is approximately 237,000,000 times better than the extremely lame ‘Dinosaur Comics’ and I am not happy about this unacceptable substitution.

I want normal service to be resumed as soon as possible.

Fic: April Come She Will Part 1/4

I should have been working on ‘Tabula Avatar’ today, I know; I’m half-way through the next chapter and I might even have finished it if I’d stuck at it. Unfortunately I got distracted. I’d been thinking about the new ‘Unsung Heroines’ archive, and how I really don’t have any stories that are eligible to be submitted there apart from ‘Pyromania’ (I don’t think Original Character heroines like Bahey Dhone or Nonoma’e’e are acceptable), and then I started thinking about April 1st, and suddenly a plot bunny attacked me. This is the first part of the result; it should be about 10,000 words in total and it will come in three parts (ETA: it ended up as 15,000 words in 4 parts). It isn’t anything to do with April Fool’s Day but it is about April. NOW COMPLETE!

Summary; Warren acts just a little more responsibly about his robot problem and ‘I Was Made To Love You’ doesn’t end quite the same way as in canon. 2,900 words. Rating R. The opening section of this chapter is taken almost verbatim from the original episode dialogue.
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