March 9th, 2008

Restless Natives

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to be mocked

Happy birthday to melancthe

Belated happy birthday to higlearn

I have been vaguely thinking about doing a poll asking what people thought was the all-time best Buffyverse fanfic. Perhaps ‘The Last Tin Soldier’ by liz_marcs? shadowscast’s ‘Fragments’ series, or her ‘Sock Puppet’? rahirah’s ‘Necessary Evils’? The short story ‘I, Bot’ that used to be hosted on Valerie X’s site (but which, alas, seems to have disappeared from the Net now and so I can’t name the author)? I gave up the idea of a poll because I’m not even sure that I could make up my own mind. Feel free to make suggestions anyway (and if anyone knows where ‘I, Bot’ is these days I’d be delighted).

I was also tempted to do a poll for Worst Ever Fic but I decided that it was a Bad Idea. Too much potential for upsetting people and starting fights. Oddly enough the story that I was thinking of nominating would have been my number one contender for Best Ever right up until the last page; but the ending was so utterly dire that it turned apparent brilliance into dross worse than the most dreadful Mary-Sue tale ever inflicted upon dwellers in the Pit of Voles by an educationally-challenged fourteen-year-old. And no, I’m not going to reveal what it is.

In what little time I have for writing on work days I'm busy with another little Olaf ficlet. Just 1,000 words, and my first ever 'Discworld' crossover. 763 words done so far. None of which, alas, will make a good last line. It isn't what is behind the cut; that's some minor bitching about the comics.
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