February 17th, 2008


The Hour of the Troll Part Three (Conclusion)

Belated happy birthday to verboseartistry, who hasn’t posted since July 06 and so probably won’t see this greeting.

I’ve been unwell for the past couple of days. Something between a cold and flu, for I had aching joints and felt very weak as well as having the sore throat and runny nose, and I was sent home from work in the early hours of Saturday morning. I spent much of Saturday in bed, and did not go to work last night, but I’m much better now with only the conventional cold-type symptoms remaining, and those at a tolerable level.

I wasn’t feeling well enough to write on Friday and so I didn’t get my ‘Olaf meets Conan’ story finished then, as I had planned, but I’ve completed it today and here is the final part. For the preceding sections, go to Part One or Part Two. The whole story is 14,355 words. This part is 5,570 words, rating R.

Summary; crossover with the original Robert E. Howard ‘Conan’ stories rather than with the Schwarzenegger movies. Willow’s spell to banish Olaf to the Land of the Trolls goes awry and sends him to the Hyborian Age. There he meets Conan the Barbarian and gets involved in the affairs of a small city-state with a dying king, two rival temples, and two beautiful princesses.

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