February 14th, 2008


The Hour of the Troll Part Two

This is definitely not a Valentine’s Day fic (except in the sense that I’m posting it on Valentine’s Day!).

Sometimes my estimates of how long a story will be, and how long it will take to write, can be very accurate. At other times I can be way off. This is one of those times; this story was supposed to be two parts, finishing today, and coming in at under 10.000 words. That’s not going to happen; minor characters grew, and insisted on their own parts of the story, and the plot grew to match. It now looks like it will be three parts, around 15,000 words in total, and finishing tomorrow; but I can’t rule out it growing beyond that. Sorry!

Summary; Willow’s spell to banish Olaf to the Land of the Trolls goes awry and sends him to the Hyborian Age. There he meets Conan the Barbarian and gets involved in the affairs of a small city-state with a dying king and two rival princesses. This part is 4,285 words; still probably PG but maybe touching R. Part One was HERE.
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